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Living with Lymphoedema

An inspiring write-up in The Sunday Paper’s Body and Soul section (29 July 2012). Click on the link here

Living with Lymphoedema

This is a 2007 BBC (UK) Radio 4 Woman’s hour broadcast with Peter Mortimer.  Click here for link.
Another radio (Question & answer) with Peter.  Click here for link
Note: Suggest listen to broadcast via Real Player media.  Download for free (either Mac or PC) here

Chronic oedema. Best Practice

Worthwhile watching this series of chronic oedema videos from UK from various nurses and health professional in this area.  Intended for healthcare workers. Click here

Lymphoedema experience, Channel Ten News video Perth

With permission, Channel 10 broadcast 4 March 2012 for Lymphoedema Awareness Month, news video clip about Cassandra’s experience with Lymphoedema. Click here for video

Lymphedema: Hidden Diagnosis

Another write-up by Dr Helen Mackie for doctors/medical personnel, in MJA Insight online. Click here for adapted version pdf article.

Lymphedema experience

This is someone’s experience and journey, via BBC report. Click for story here

Managing Lymphoedema

This is a good write-up for medical personnel/doctors Dr Teresa Lee, Dr Deborah Geyer and Dr Helen Mackie NSW, Australia.  Click here to download pdf file. Otherwise,click here for online source.

Lymphoedema Bandaging: Try Coban 2 Layer system

Just completed a workshop for 3M’s 2-Layer system, originally intended for wound ulcer, to trial use for Lymphoedema.  Different from conventional Multilayer bandaging (Comprilan). To watch video click here

Lymphoedema Awareness on Channel 10

Channel 10 news for Lymphoedema Awareness Month in March. Watch brave Luke on the news video clip, click here

Be informed on lymphoedema – Perth, Western Australia

Click on link here Be informed on lymphoedema – inMyCommunity – Perth, Western Australia

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