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Leg self drainage massage

Thank you Heidi of Michigan State University Rehab for this video.  Click

What is Lymphoedema?

Also spelt as ‘Lymphedema’ in USA. For a simplified explanation, courtesy of National Cancer Institute, please click here

Neck Self Drainage video

This is a simple neck self manual lymphatic drainage by Heather in USA.  Click here to watch her youtube video demonstration.  Happy Holidays.

Lymphedema in Elderly

Enlightening video by San Antonio STGEC Geriatrics & Gerontological + Palliative Medicine. Intended for health professionals. Click here for youtube video link

Canada Lymphoedema link

Another resource for therapists should a client be visiting in Ontario.  Click  here for link.

GP and Lymphoedema

A UK GP’s perspective of lymphoedema.  Click here for the write-up online.
Note: I am in Dallas, USA for the  The National Lymphedema Network 2012 conference from 5-9 Sept 2012. I am so excited and looking forward to more learning.  Keep all updated next few posts.


Simplified video about the lymphatics. A good start. Click here

Chronic oedema. Best Practice

Worthwhile watching this series of chronic oedema videos from UK from various nurses and health professional in this area.  Intended for healthcare workers. Click here

Lymphoedema experience, Channel Ten News video Perth

With permission, Channel 10 broadcast 4 March 2012 for Lymphoedema Awareness Month, news video clip about Cassandra’s experience with Lymphoedema. Click here for video

Lymphedema: Hidden Diagnosis

Another write-up by Dr Helen Mackie for doctors/medical personnel, in MJA Insight online. Click here for adapted version pdf article.

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