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WA Lymphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group Oct 2010 meeting

Details of the Oct 4 meeting…..
 1/ Introduce your clients to our WA Website created by St Stephen’s School:

2/  Prue Cormie who talked about her Breast research at Vario Institute.  Volunteers’ please contact Prue at Tel: (08) 6304 3418

3/ The Therapist Namelist (Oct 2010) has been updated and is up on my blog under ‘Links’ or click and download here

4/ This is a reminder, pse sign up to be on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners’ Register

5/ Thanks to Julie Richmond who volunteered to be our ALA’s WA rep again.  We appreciate your time and commitment.  Congrats to C Smith for completing all her subjects for her research and thanks to those who helped.

6/ Would appreciate someone volunteering as LTSIG coodinator for 2011 instead.  

7/ Next meeting will be a ‘social’ occasion on 6 Dec (Mon) at 7pm.  Topics and dates for next year will be confirmed then.

Food Columnist

Food, good food with travels is my other interest.  Check out

Financial Times Asia’s weekend food columnist Nicholas Lander’s travels and articles, please click here. 


“Knowledge is not a loose-leaf notebook of facts. Above all it is a responsibility for the integrity of what we are, primarily of what we are as ethical creatures…

The personal commitment of a man to his skill, the intellectual commitment and the emotional commitment working together as one, has made the Ascent of Man” Dr Jacob Bronowski

The Other Inca Trail in Peru

My Peru trek 2010

Food Blogs

Another interest.  People and street food blogs from different parts of the world.
 Singapore, India

Malaysia, Hong Kong

TGIF: Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Did you go to Lady Gaga’s Monster tour?  It was in Perth’s Burswood Dome 1 April.  Enjoy…

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

Disclaimer: Some words and pictures may offend.

Apple Mac : Guy Kawasaki

I profess to be an Apple user. Anyway,  Guy Kawasaki’s blog is refreshing.  Check it out!
Guy Kawasaki’s Blog

TGIF: Wonder Girls’ Nobody

Korean pop sensationWonder Girls in their

US debut album. Snazzy but cheesy but good for the weekend. Enjoy!
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