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Lymphatic Research video

Succinct introduction by Lymphatic Research USA.  For their video click here

Lymphoedema surgery

This is a brief summary of methods and considerations of surgery relating to Lymphoedema. Risk-benefit ratio caution!  From USA’s National Lymphoedema Network link.  Click here

Happy Lunar New Year (10 Feb 2013)

Lymphoedema Head and Neck Cancer

I support the finding that head and neck cancer post-treatment lymphoedema needs to be managed.  See the brief write-up here. Swelling or surgery may likely affect the TMJ (jaw), neck and shoulder range, breathing comfort, etc. See a ‘specialist’ therapist for initial evaluation.

Canada Lymphoedema link

Another resource for therapists should a client be visiting in Ontario.  Click  here for link.

Lymphoedema and Weight-lifting

This is a ABC Radio National podcast recording on 3 April with Associate Professor Kathryn Schmitz on this research topic findings.  You can download either via iTunes podcast search or click on the link here

Lymphoedema and Palliative Care

This is part of Cancer Council forum paper by B. Hewitt, et al.  Case studies. Download paper here

Chronic pain guideline

Health guideline regarding Chronic pain. Click here

Intraoperative Radiotherapy more results out

This is the accumulation of more than 10 years and going randomised control multi-centre trial research by dedicated teams around the world including Perth.

Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) or conventional External Beam? in the TARGIT research.  See their first paper/findings, click here

Clinical Questions. Guide to a Evidence based Practice

This module by University of Western Australia provides us with an excellent step-by-step guide to answering clinical questions via Evidence-based Practice

Try it!

New Physiotherapy HALO Goniometer

Goniometer re-visited by Hayley Warren.  Her Australian invention HALO click here

Well done!
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