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Lymphatic Research video

Succinct introduction by Lymphatic Research USA.  For their video click here

Neck Self Drainage video

This is a simple neck self manual lymphatic drainage by Heather in USA.  Click here to watch her youtube video demonstration.  Happy Holidays.

Understanding Lymphedema video

Dr Anna Towers (Canada) educates what lymphedema or lymphoedema is.  Click here to watch video.  Happy Christmas!

Lymphedema in Elderly

Enlightening video by San Antonio STGEC Geriatrics & Gerontological + Palliative Medicine. Intended for health professionals. Click here for youtube video link

GP and Lymphoedema

A UK GP’s perspective of lymphoedema.  Click here for the write-up online.
Note: I am in Dallas, USA for the  The National Lymphedema Network 2012 conference from 5-9 Sept 2012. I am so excited and looking forward to more learning.  Keep all updated next few posts.

Living with Lymphoedema

This is a 2007 BBC (UK) Radio 4 Woman’s hour broadcast with Peter Mortimer.  Click here for link.
Another radio (Question & answer) with Peter.  Click here for link
Note: Suggest listen to broadcast via Real Player media.  Download for free (either Mac or PC) here

Lymphedema experience

This is someone’s experience and journey, via BBC report. Click for story here

Ovarian Cancer videos

Web videos, podcasts load full of information by Memorial Sloan Kettering, includes lymphoedema, click here

Surgery for Lymphoedema

This is one of the surgeries (works like a ‘node transplant’) considered for lymphoedema, outside of Australia.  Experimental stage, side effects, costs? Click here for online article in NY Times.

Klose Lymphoedema conference

Attended this small conference and Breast rehab workshop held in Oct 2011, Denver Colorado. by Klose Consulting  Excellent. Hope to attend again in 2 years’ time. Click here
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