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Lymphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group meeting: April 2010

1/ Next topic presentation followed by meeting. Jun 14 2010 (Mon) evening 7pm.
-Lymphoedema service development in Southwest and an initiative in basic training programme by Meeta from Bunbury.

-Updates from ALA’s May conference in Melbourne from our LTSIG attendees
-Quick Introduction to use of the lymphoedema blog by Linda
2/ Also, Therapist namelist update due. Pse email if any changes by 23 April 2010.
3/Pse confirm and opt in that you still wish to be included in the LTSIG email list by 23 April 2010. Those who have already done so do not need to reply.
4/ Tonight’s presentation Powerpoint Slides on paediatric lymphoedema by courtesy physios from PMH will be posted and others. Soon.

Tentative topics upcoming. Mark yr diary.
Aug 2: Bras or undergarment
Oct 4: Objective outcome measures.

Feb 2010 Lymphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group meeting

Thanks to all who contributed to our understanding of what is happening in WA tonight on 1 Feb 2010.

1/ Garment prescription: discussed patients managed inpatient; outpatient; CAEP-eligible list.  Tertiary hospitals streamlining their services to respective outlying hospitals within the latter’s CAEP catchment area.  Therefore, to the new therapists (CAEP, country or otherwise) in the outlying hospitals, pse do consider the Australasian Lymphology Association for access to newsletters, etc.

2/ As per Best Practice recommendation, pse consider annual ABPI for lower limb lymphoedema patients, if possible.

3/ Julie, our WA ALA rep will email through Lymphoedema Awareness Month (March) support media later. 

4/ Kate will email her Smith and Nephew monthly training schedule when available.  

5/ Next few inservice/meetings monday nights at Crawford Lodge, Monash Ave, Nedlands.
-April 12 Paediatric lymphoedema by Cheng and Carolyn from PMH
-Jun 14 Lymphoedema service development in Southwest and an initiative in basic training programme by Meeta from Bunbury

Bi-monthly Lymyphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group (LTSIG) meetings: 2010 dates

The Lymphoedema Therapists’ Special Interest Group (WA) meet bi-monthly in Perth. The group attendees include both public and private therapists such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, massage therapists, etc.  It provides a local network of therapists to present, meet and discuss professional issues.
Projected Monday meeting and topics (to be confirmed later) dates in 2010 are:
Feb 1
Apr 12
Jun 14
Aug 2
Oct 4
Dec 6- Christmas and year-end wrap up

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