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Lymphoedema Bandaging: Try Coban 2 Layer system

Just completed a workshop for 3M’s 2-Layer system, originally intended for wound ulcer, to trial use for Lymphoedema.  Different from conventional Multilayer bandaging (Comprilan). To watch video click here

Vodder courses Australia 2012

Information for courses (Basic and more) by Vodder in Australia for 2012 in various states, click here. Sign up for one in Perth running in July 2012.

Happy Valentines Day!

Klose Lymphoedema blog

This is my take on USA’s Klose consulting.  I completed the Foeldi-Klose Advanced Lymphoedema  and Review will be attending their Klose conference in Denver Oct 2011! Yes, travel and time but I am still happy to grade them Value-for-money courses.  Follow them and training updates  in their blog here

Foeldi Advanced Lymphoedema Course

This was the best advanced refresher I have attended.  Professor Foeldi was on-hand with lectures and participate in our complex case presentations.  Lots of learning with Guenter (Klose Training), too.

International refresher (held in English) at Hinterzarten, Germany. 
Click here for more information on how to sign up next time.

June 20-24 class with Prof. Foeldi

Also, visited Medi at Bayreuth and Bauerfeind (Singapore office) on the way back.  Do you know both have ready-to-wear round-knit garments in 2 lengths and almost 7-8 size options?  And Bauerfeind has the Normal and Plus size for each small/medium sizes and so on?

WA Lymphoedema Therapists meeting Dec 2010

Ros will be the 2011 co-ordinator of Western Australia’s LTSIG. 2011 Monday 7pm meetings dates are: 7 Feb ; 4 Apr; 13 Jun; 01 Aug; 03 Oct ; 05 Dec

The committee for 2011 WA Prof Development (PD) are Ros, Denise, Elizabeth and Julie.  The committee for 2011 WA Lymphoedema Awareness Day/Month/time are Rachel, Madeline and Chris. 

WA Lymphoedema Group website New!

Meet the creators (from St Stephen’s School) with Denise Berry (Physiotherapist who gave them support)  and their teacher Shirley of a website specially for those with lymphoedema click here for Lymphoedema Group WA

WA Lymphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group Oct 2010 meeting

Details of the Oct 4 meeting…..
 1/ Introduce your clients to our WA Website created by St Stephen’s School:

2/  Prue Cormie who talked about her Breast research at Vario Institute.  Volunteers’ please contact Prue at Tel: (08) 6304 3418

3/ The Therapist Namelist (Oct 2010) has been updated and is up on my blog under ‘Links’ or click and download here

4/ This is a reminder, pse sign up to be on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners’ Register

5/ Thanks to Julie Richmond who volunteered to be our ALA’s WA rep again.  We appreciate your time and commitment.  Congrats to C Smith for completing all her subjects for her research and thanks to those who helped.

6/ Would appreciate someone volunteering as LTSIG coodinator for 2011 instead.  

7/ Next meeting will be a ‘social’ occasion on 6 Dec (Mon) at 7pm.  Topics and dates for next year will be confirmed then.

Lymphoedema Group WA

Yes, we have a new lymphoedema consumer support website in Western Australia!  Click hereAttend a launch on 28 August 2010 at their school Duncraig

International Society of Lymphology ISL conference 2009

This is R. Roberts experience of ISL conference 2009. Please click for the article here

And I am at Vodder Austria (Walchsee) for a whole week of review, isn’t that great?

Lymphoedema Therapist June 2010 meeting

June 14 meeting Summary
1/ M. Pillar on setting up the lymphoedema service in Bunbury.

One workshop has already been run, another is planned in a couple of months.  Clinical pathways have also been written to guide the therapists in appropriate treatment aims, when to refer to a specialist clinic and these are based on the Consensus of Best Practice document.
2/ Discussion about the May ALA conference and a current ECU Vario Health research.
3/ C. Hunt brought in a bra that she ordered from the internet. May be helpful for breast cancer patients.  The bra is available from

Future meetings. Please note the dates:
Aug 2 Lorraine McMillan from Femme de Femme.  Bras.
Oct 4  Prue Cormie Her ECU research and recruitment; Objective outcome measures discussion; L.Khong on how to use Lymphoedema blog

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