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Leduc UK Lymphoedema courses 2012

Leduc UK Lymphoedema Programme 2012.  Click here for dates/info. Email them for application form.

Vodder courses Australia 2012

Information for courses (Basic and more) by Vodder in Australia for 2012 in various states, click here. Sign up for one in Perth running in July 2012.

Happy Valentines Day!

Vodder Australia courses 2011 2012

Vodder courses to be held in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide 2011-2012.  Download newsletter (in pdf format) here
For a list of the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register, click here

Klose Lymphoedema blog

This is my take on USA’s Klose consulting.  I completed the Foeldi-Klose Advanced Lymphoedema  and Review will be attending their Klose conference in Denver Oct 2011! Yes, travel and time but I am still happy to grade them Value-for-money courses.  Follow them and training updates  in their blog here

Foeldi Advanced Lymphoedema Course

This was the best advanced refresher I have attended.  Professor Foeldi was on-hand with lectures and participate in our complex case presentations.  Lots of learning with Guenter (Klose Training), too.

International refresher (held in English) at Hinterzarten, Germany. 
Click here for more information on how to sign up next time.

June 20-24 class with Prof. Foeldi

Also, visited Medi at Bayreuth and Bauerfeind (Singapore office) on the way back.  Do you know both have ready-to-wear round-knit garments in 2 lengths and almost 7-8 size options?  And Bauerfeind has the Normal and Plus size for each small/medium sizes and so on?

QLD Lymphoedema and Breast Oncology Physiotherapy

Repeat post. Expression of Interest for a 2-3 day course (Brisbane Aug 2011) to develop knowledge and practical skills to facilitate evidence-based care in area of Oncology.  Proposed by the Queensland Lymphoedema and Breast Oncology Physiotherapy.
Presenters are Dr Robyn Box, Ms Hildegard Reul-Hirche and Dr Liisa Laakso.  The details of the proposed course can be downloaded here. Email by 17 Dec if you are interested.

Foldi Advanced and Review course (in English)

This is only applicable to certified lympheoedema therapists.  Vodder-trained therapists can also apply. This international (held in English, run in Germany) advanced and review Foldi course looks good and I have signed up for it.  Please check for eligibility prior to appplication.
 Click here for information

Lymphoedema Training Scholarship 2011 (Level 1)

Cancer Council of W.A. is giving out a Lymphoedema Training  Scholarship for an accredited Level 1 to be held in Brisbane Feb 2011.  Download the information, pre-requisites and application here

Vodder Review Melbourne Mar 2011

A Vodder Review will be held on 30 Mar (Wed) till 01 April (Fri) 2011 in Melbourne.  Click here for more information and application form.  Instructors are Prof. Neil Piller and Robert Harris.
• Stay abreast of the changes in MLD and CDT as well as the field of lymphology.
• Update and renew your MLD, bandaging and treatment skills and update your

• Share your experiences with your colleagues and network with therapists.
• Update on the latest research in Lymphology and the treatment of lymphedema.
• Class size may be limited, so please register now.

However, for those interested as beginners, please note that there will be a Basic (17-21 Jan 2011) and Level 1 (24-28 Jan 2011) Vodder run in Perth.  Click here for the link to Jan 2011

Lymphoedema course Advanced (Level 2), Melbourne Vic 2011

Conducted by Maree O’Connor, Physiotherapist and invited speakers. This course will provide you with the opportunity to….Expand your knowledge, develop your techniques, challenge your ideas and network with your peers.
It consists of distance learning and five face to face study days (17th- 21st August 2011 inclusive)….
Expressions of interest are sought from Medical Practitioners, Nurses (Division 1), Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have successfully completed a Basic (Level 1) Lymphoedema
management course or equivalent.

For further information and to register your interest contact Maree O’Connor on 0407011730 or by the 28th February 2011.
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