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Dynamic Tissue Stimulation (DTS) by VibraQ Perth

VibraQ Corporation of Perth is looking into commercialisation of it’s Dynamic Tissue Stimulation (“DTS”) technology. I tried a DTS device at Verdun.

The DTS hand-held device applies a rhythmically variable vibration through the soft tissue layers. Interestingly, I used one of their prototypes and found it to be useful as an adjunct with lymphoedema management especially those with fibrosis and inguinal swelling. It was surprisingly gentle and tolerable for subacute post-radiation and neuropathic swelling/fibrosis cases when my ‘manual’ fibrotic technqiue (Vodder terminology) would be uncomfortable. There was a palpable difference in softening even within a session. Physiology?

Interested parties, please check out VibraQ Corporation Ltd or speak to Barry Hobson of VibraQ Perth on +61439974325.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with this company.

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